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A strategic programme for NERC Lowland catchment research
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Field sites and infrastructure

Sampling a stream for water quality

Field sites

We used field sites in three catchments with varying geological and ecological characteristics:

  • The Pang-Lambourn catchment on the Chalk of the Berkshire Downs.
  • The Frome catchment in Dorset, a mixed geology but with Chalk dominating.
  • The Tern in Shropshire on Triassic sandstones and glacial tills and gravels.


There were existing field facilities in all the catchments. However, LOCAR put extensive new instrumentation in place. This was done particularly to support inter-disciplinary investigations of surface-groundwater interactions in riparian zones and wetlands.

The infrastructure included detailed piezometer and borehole arrays, recharge sites and weather stations.

Descriptions of the LOCAR catchments and hydrogeological infrastructure can be found in the LOCAR hydrogeological infrastructure reports:

pdf Frome hydrogeological infrastructure report (885Kb)
pdf Pang-Lambourn hydrogeological infrastructure report (1.19Mb)
pdf Tern hydrogeological infrastructure report (948Kb)

Some of the LOCAR infrastructure is still available for use by the research community. Please contact Brian Adams (British Geological Survey, Wallingford) for more information.

Additional information on LOCAR infrastructure can be found at the LOCAR Data Centre.