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A strategic programme for NERC Lowland catchment research
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Where does the water go?

Geophysical surveying

Geophysical surveying was one of the many field techniques used in LOCAR

In the Pang catchment, LOCAR researchers found that the flow of water underground canít always be predicted by the slope of the land surface, because groundwater flow is controlled by the complex network of large and small cracks in the porous rock which developed over millions of years.

Using data from the dense network of boreholes on the Pang catchment, LOCAR scientists discovered that much of the water below the surface of the catchment flows directly into the Thames, not into the Pang as expected. Water managers need to know where the groundwater is going so that they can make the best decisions about how much water can be extracted and how these sensitive catchments will respond to rainfall and pollution.

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