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A strategic programme for NERC Lowland catchment research
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Lowland catchment research

The Lowland Catchment Research programme (LOCAR) supported the detailed, interdisciplinary hydro-ecological research needed to manage permeable lowland catchments, now and in the future.

Vale of the White Horse

The programme investigated how water enters, is stored within, and is discharged from rivers in three groundwater-dominated catchments, the Frome/Piddle in Dorset, the Pang/Lambourn in Berkshire and the Tern in Shropshire.

Researchers also investigated how fine sediments and chemicals (including fertiliser residues) move, and their effects on in-stream, riparian and wetland habitats within these catchments. More about the LOCAR programme

NERC science

The Natural Environment Research Council, NERC, funds world-class science in universities and our own research centres that increases knowledge and understanding of the natural world.

We lead in providing independent research and training in the environmental sciences.  More about NERC research