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A strategic programme for NERC Lowland catchment research
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Freedom of information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 all public authorities, including NERC, must adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme stating:

  • the types (classes) of information we publish, or intend to publish
  • how our information is, or will be, published
  • whether the information is, or will be, made available to you free of charge or on payment.

The NERC Publication Scheme aims to make a significant amount of our information readily available to you without your needing to request it specifically under the Freedom of Information Act. We also want to inform you of the range of material that is available from NERC.

We will supply material promptly when we receive a request (phone, letter, fax or email). Some of our information is subject to 'statutory exemptions', so it is excluded from publication by law.

For more information on the NERC Publication Scheme go to the Freedom of Information page on the main NERC web site.